Long Distance, Cruising, Carving, Speed


Hand laminated Hybridweave Carbon/Kevlar sandwich construction with foam core


Fender-enclosed wheels, high rigidity, water-resistant

The world record deck

The Sportster is a legendary, multiple world-record holding board in the long distance category. It is the first Drop Deck, the first skateboard with fenders and the first to be produced in carbon fibre. The particularly deep deck space underneath the pivot point of the axle allows for the fitting of larger wheels, which in turn facilitates much greater speed, efficiency, and stability of the board when in use. We utilize carbon because no other material offers such high strength and stiffness for such minimal weight. The chassis weighs in at around 1.100g and can withstand a tensile load of more than 30,000kg. The high rigidity enables precise and direct steering and the impact-resistant aramid weave, better known as Kevlar, protects the underside of the deck from abrasion and debris.


length overall/deck: 960/600 mm                     

witdth overall/deck: 260/200 mm

weight: 1.120 g

height/drop distance: 135/85 mm

wheelbase: 880 mm

wheel size: 85-105 mm

truck width: 150-180 mm