Long Distance, Cruising, Carving, Speed, Pumping, Downhill


hand laminated Carbon fibre construction around Kevlar honeycomb core, Stainless steel brackets


platform deck with brackets, Concave

The System Deck

In 2008, we invented the principle of a platform deck carried by separate brackets/bridges that are joint with the trucks. The Bullcatcher is a drop deck that is not restricted to just cross-country and downhill rides as it is also a handy means of transportation in the everyday urban environment. The ultra light deck is comprised of a carbon construction around a Kevlar honeycomb core that is screwed to stainless steel brackets via inserts. This construction allows for a maximization of deck space whilst maintaining a minimal wheelbase. Thanks to the bridges, the Bullcatcher can even be secured to objects and thus secured against theft. 


length overall/deck: 900/735 mm                     

witdth overall/deck: 245/245 mm

height/drop distance: 60/42 mm

wheelbase: 815 mm

weight: 1.415 g

wheel size: 75 - 95 mm

truck width: 180 mm