We design innovative and high-quality longboards and manufacture small batch handcraft “Made in Germany”.

In 1999, after having envisioned creating ergonomic and technologically optimized skateboards as a means of transportation, engineer Peter Sanftenberg founded rollsrolls skateboards. Two years later, along came product designer Hagen Ißbrücker. With the invention of drop decks, skateboards with integrated fenders/wings and the advent of carbonfiber-reinforced production methods, we took on a pioneering role and even initiated a new discipline – long distance skateboarding.


In 2003, Jack Smith and his team skated on a rollsrolls Sportster across America, a distance of about 5.000 km, in less than 21 days. A World Record that has marked only the beginning of an ongoing hunt for the longest skate journey. In 2007, Dave Cornthwaite pushed a rollsrolls Sportster 5.823 km around Australia and etched his name into the Guiness Book of World Records.